hadoop training in chennai

Hadoop or Apache Hadoop is a software framework which is open-source. It is used for processing of big sets of data and distributed storage using the programming model of MapReduce. It consists of clusters of computers which are built using commodity hardware. According to a report made by Forbes in the year 2015, about 90% of international organizations puts high or medium levels of investment in data analysis, and this investment is considered very significant and important because it helps the business to grow and helps them by impacting on their revenues in a positive way. Hence, this is a crucialskill if you have interest in the field of using data and using it.

Why are the features of Hadoop which makes it popular?

  • Cost-effective: Hadoop allows to store large amount of data on big clusters of computers and then allows parallel operation of the data. It is an affordable way to model all the data because ofconsiderable decrease in the cost per TB of data storage.
  • Scalable: New data which can be in the form of nodes can also be added to the cluster if required without changing the loading process, data formats,etc.
  • Flexible: Data can be received from multiple sources irrespective of format andit can be of any type. The data can be aggregated and joined on Hadoop which helps in deeper analysis than those which are provided by the single systems.

There are many other features among which, these are a few. These features are some which make Hadoop great and makes it the choice of the corporate world.

Advantages of Hadoop

Programs of Map Reduce are much easier and simple to write as compared to Java. Hadoop can also be used on cheap hardware, and there is no need forhardware which are used forspecialized parallel processing which makes it an attractive choice.

In addition to this, since our world is connected online, more data is produced every day. This data can be further used to valuable analysis using Hadoop which can be used by organizations and businesses to capture the market in an efficient manner.

Recruiters and salary

Currently, Indian Big data Analytics market is worth 2+ Billion. There are ample of job opportunities for trained professionals in Hadoop and Big Data. There are companies like TCS, Citibank, Amazon, Flipkart, KPMG, Accenture who are looking to Hadoop developers, Java Hadoop Lead, etc. The average salary is 8.5 lakhs INR. Hence, one must not worry much about the salary.


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