Hadoop Training in Chennai

Hadoop – that might sound funny, but its impact is equally strong on the market. Hadoop has all the good reasons to be in the limelight. Whether student, already existing employee or an entrepreneur, Hadoop is a boon to all. The big IT magnets can are establishing Hadoop environment in their organizations and hiring Hadoop professionals in bulk. This is because of the numerous benefits that Hadoop is offering to the IT industry. Not only entrepreneurs, but students and employees can also add more feather to their cap and increase their profit with Hadoop.

Along with the fast storing and efficient retrieval process, name of Haddop is spreading even more. It took the market by storm in 2012, and till today. It came as an alternative to the presently available Big Data packages. Hadoop has even open more number of job openings for the IT aspirants. The leading reason behind this more reliance on Hadoop is DATA. Data is something not only IT industry needs to keep a track of, rather all the small and big firms in other sectors also can’t survive without managing their data. This is the actual reason behind such rapid growth of Hadoop.

Previously the data was among the most expensive thing to store. Also, it was hard to store the data in a manageable manner so that it can be retrieved whenever required. As time passed by, the definition of data has changed too. Now, it’s no more restricted to just textual data. Several other forms like numbers, audio, videos, tweets, likes, graphs, etc. have indulged in this Data world and these things are equally important to be stored and retrieved precisely.

Few of the benefits of Hadoop from the market’s point of view are cited below:

  • Improving business insights – With the introduction and exposure of Hadoop, organizations have refined their data architectures. Due to Hadoop, now the data is easily available for analysis purpose. This has revamped the business insights from 1/10 to 1/50. This is the cost on per terabyte basis.
  • Nef different storehouses has been eliminated – Earlier, there were different depositories for each of the processes related to data. The processes include the transformation of data, analyzing, cleansing, and much more. But with the emergence of Hadoop, this need has been wiped out. Hadoop is working as a one man army!
  •  Framing customer 360-degree views – Now end users can input and process any kind of data – structured, semi-structured and unstructured. With Hadoop, organizations successfully build customer 360-degree views in respect of both interactions and transactions.

Thus Hadoop entered the market as a game changer for the business applications. So, it is recommended by IT experts to move and walk along with this technology. The heavy and emerging demand of Hadoop professionals is irking the market a lot! Though many have already changed their ways and moved to this technology, yet there is still a big space that is needed to be filled from the market’s perspective.

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