hadoop admin training

HADOOP – A big elephant-like giant software framework that can digest and handle bulk amount of data!

With the technology and competition growing at a fast pace, companies are making a smart move by bringing Hadoop in. Not only is this, building separate big data teams next intelligent turn that organizations are taking. In terms of Hadoop, Hadoop Administrator plays the same role as System administrator plays in other fields.

The key and pivotal function of a Hadoop administrator is to set and maintain the Hadoop clusters, and this only function is actually the one that makes the analysis really possible and easy too!

Besant Technologies in Chennai is having a good name especially when it comes to give Hadoop Admin Training. We are very well cognizant about the roles and responsibilities of a Hadoop Administrator. In point of fact, few of our Hadoop trainers themselves are Hadoop Administrators. Thus they very well know the score of this designation. Let us have a small tour of a Hadoop admin world, and the knowledge that we are going to give you under Hadoop admin training:

  • Curator of Clusters – Hadoop admins are more like the caretakers custodians of Hadoop clusters. To lookafter the clusters is the prime responsibility of them. In a production environment, it is always taken into consideration that clusters must be running smoothly. That’s why to be a Hadoop admin is itself a big-league.
  • Creation and Ejection of Nodes – Timely creating nodes and removing periodically based upon their performance is another role that these admins plays! This can be done using tools like – Cloudera Manager Enterprise, Ganglia, Dell Open Manage, and many more. We are giving Hadoop Admin Training with hands-on experience on these tools as well.
  • Performance Tuning and connectivity – A hadoop admin has to timely monitor the performance tuning of the Hadoop clusters as well as of MapReduce routines too. Also clusters security and connectivity are also supervised time to time.
  • To Stretch out existing environments – Hadoop admins coordinates with the system engineering teams and check if there is a need to puff up the environment. If found so, they will propose and deploy new software and hardware environments.
  • Setting up new Hadoop Users – Another one of the influential role of Hadoop admin is this one. Under this, they have to setup the Linux users and test if they all are having access to HDFS, Pig, Hive and MapReduce.
  • To even up with other teams – To maintain the high quality and all time availability, Hadoop admins have to make a bridge in between other teams so as to remove the communication gap. This role requires speedy action. Hadoop admin should be fast enough to connect and team up with other teams like database, network, business intelligence and application teams.
  • Timely updates and upgrades – Whenever there is a requirement, Hadoop admin needs to coordinate with the application teams to do Hadoop updates and version upgrades.
  • DBA responsibilities – Hadoop admin’s responsibilities are bounteous! They don’t limits to few, instead there is a lot more in its kitty. Many Database Admin related responsibilities are also there such as – database backup and recovery, management of disk space, software patching and upgrades, data modeling and designing, to make sure of database security and connectivity, to automate the manual tasks for the betterment of project and organizations, etc.
  • Loading of bulk data – Datawarehousing (DWH) Admins involves monitoring the batch jobs and also to load bulk amount of data on timely basis.

Still there are many more points that are needed to be added into this responsibilities list of Hadoop admin! More the responsibility and criticality more will be the dependency. At the moment, the demand in market to have Hadoop admins is touching the sky. So it’s high time to get started with Besant Technologies to have an ideal Hadoop Training in Chennai. We pressurize more on gaining practical knowledge and on each and every bit of responsibilities of a Hadoop admin. This will bring a crystal clear picture of what one actually needs to do as a Hadoop admin in the real time environment, and thus will be able to perform as per the company and role’s requirements.